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Hi, I'm Vicki Fox. I'll be your host as you explore my site. Learn more about me, my projects, and business.

Vicki Fox

Meet me and the cast, check out my store and art gallery, and learn more about licensing my characters.

Comic strip

My adventures in comic strip form. A new comic strip appears the first Sunday of each month.


My web community includes: the Vicki_Fox YahooGroup, forum, favourite links, reverse links, linking to my site, and odds & ends. Also, read some good news!


My company specializes in web consulting, software architecture, cartoon character design, and licensing.

Celebrating foxes and skunks

I have collected some fun pages that celebrates foxes and skunks in wildlife, media, and hobbies.


Facts and trivia about foxes, skunks, and wildlife conservation.


Lists and references about foxes and skunks appearing in cartoons and films, comics and books, and collectibles.


My hobbies that involve foxes and skunks including animation art, embroidery, puppetry, and fandom.

Guest sites

I host the web sites for some friends. Of course, they feature foxes or artwork.

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